Member Feature: Fidel González

My name is Fidel González, I am a local farmer and musician, I want to tell you that last year I started as a member of this great place called FUSE Makerspace. The reason I came here is because I have always wanted to produce leather bags and learn how to

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Member Feature: Jinja Allen

When I spoke with Jinja Allen, one of our members, she showed me a picture of a couple holding a large ornate monogrammed letter “B”. She had made the “B” at FUSE and the couple had just bought a new house. Their realtor had the monogram made for them and several

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Member Feature: Tanda Headrick

Tanda Headrick heard about FUSE before almost anyone else. She was consulted during the inception of the Makerspace on what collection of equipment would make a successful makerspace. Tanda was an obvious choice for this as she had been running Vanguard Technology Corporation here in Albuquerque since 1992. Vanguard has done

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Member Feature: Arnold Risvik

Arnold Risvik heard about FUSE from a friend who worked at CNM before we moved into our current space. He joined once the HAAS (CNC Mill) was up and running to help supplement his machining business, Snap Precision. Snap precision currently specialized in making high-security locks but fabricates a wide variety

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Women standing next to laser cutter.

Member Feature: Josie Gates

About five years ago, Josie Gates relocated to Albuquerque with her two sons, then still in school, from Tom’s River, New Jersey, because of her job as a web designer. She is the proprietor of Blue Flower Full Moon (etsy.com/shop/BlueFlowerFullMoon), an Etsy shop that specializes in spiritual and metaphysical items. To

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Photo of participants at Build-a-thon event

Member Feature: Alice Shriver

After COVID-19 became a public health concern FUSE Makerspace closed to the public along with the rest of CNM, soon after FUSE’s resources became focused on helping the efforts to fight COVID-19. Alice was one of the first members to contact us.   She had heard an NPR story about an open-source

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Students apart of the first IOT cohort at FUSE Makerspace.

Deep Dive Internet of Things coshort #1

Deep Dive Internet of Things cohort #1 Welcome Deep Dive Internet of Things cohort #1. Sixteen students are getting into hardware design and coding towards making smart lighting controller.  They have just completed week one and learning at a rapid speed. The group has covered six weeks of a traditional class

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Tunnel build by Wessley Eccles and Owen Schwab for Electric Playhouse at FUSE Makerspace.

Wesley Eccles-Electric Playhouse

Name: Wesley Eccles Employer: Electric Playhouse What is Electric Playhouse? Electric Playhouse is a 21st-century entertainment center for people of all ages that produces unique creative worlds for immersive & interactive experiences, including games, dining, and recreation. Tell us a little bit about what you’re making? At FUSE, we built the tunnel

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