About FUSE

FUSE Makerspace

The FUSE Makerspace is a community center with tools that allow members to design, prototype, and create manufactured works.

We partner with Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), giving our members access to affordable, high-quality classes as well as mentoring from other makers and community members.

We believe in fostering the startup spirit in Albuquerque’s Innovation District by creating jobs and supporting businesses in the downtown community. We are invested in stimulating creative thinking and economic growth in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas.

Making a Community

We are a proud tenant of the InnovateABQ campus. InnovateABQ supports a “Grow from Within” strategy focuses on creating industry-relevant skills programs, supporting entrepreneurs, helping existing firms expand and innovate and strengthening local assets that improve the economic prospects of local workers and industries.

At FUSE, you can meet other makers, entrepreneurs, students and hobbyists to work on your projects with mutual support and inspiration.

We also partner with local businesses and organizations to develop tailored events and training opportunities in the community and for our local school programs.

What We Offer

  • A safe, professional facility for small-batch manufacturing your ideas.
  • Access to equipment and community to bring your ideas to life.
  • Digital and Analog equipment and tools for precision and large-scale projects. 
  • A collaborative, creative working environment.


Jeff DeBellis

Program Director
[email protected]

Katelyn Attanasio

Senior Program Manager [email protected]

Wesley Carr

Lab Manager, FUSE Makerspace [email protected]

Emma Dean

Operations Technician [email protected]

Shreya Bhaskare

Operations Technician [email protected]

Liz Courts

Operations Technician [email protected]

Hans Engvall

Operations Technician [email protected]

Margaret Showalter

Operations Technician [email protected]

Anneloes Van Beek

Operations Technician [email protected]


Brian Rashap

Lead Instructor: IoT Bootcamp [email protected]

Edward "E.J." Ishman

Senior Bootcamp Assistant: IoT Bootcamp [email protected]

Anneloes Van Beek

FUSE Instructor: Woodshop, Wood Lathe, Metal Shop

Arjun Bhakta

FUSE Instructor: CNC Router

Blanca Caro

FUSE Instructor: Vinyl, Laser, Illustrator

Callahan Jobe

FUSE Instructor: Welding

Celine Gordon

FUSE Instructor: Illustrator, Screenprinting, Laser, Vinyl, CNC Router, CAD

Chuck Sullivan

FUSE Instructor: 3D Printing, CAD, Laser

Drew Trujillo

FUSE Instructor: Illustrator, Laser, CNC Router, 3D Printing

Erin Kleymann

FUSE Instructor: Laser

Graham Parker Ansell

FUSE Instructor: Woodshop, Wood Lathe

Jordyn Palma

FUSE Instructor: Vinyl, Laser

Juan Delgado

FUSE Instructor: Manual Mill, Metal Lathe

Keven Castillo

FUSE Instructor: Welding, Metal Shop, CNC Plasma

Mark Jones

FUSE Instructor: Manual Lathe, Metal Mill

Mike Duncan

FUSE Instructor: Woodshop

Owen Schwab

FUSE Instructor: Wazer, CNC Router, Laser, Metal Shop

September Benson

FUSE Instructor: Welding, Metal Shop

Stephen Kehrer

FUSE Instructor: CNC Plasma, Powdercoating, Metal Shop, Welding

Steve Lee

FUSE Instructor: Screenprinting, Laser

Wesley Eccles

FUSE Instructor: Laser, CNC Router, Woodshop