Member Feature: Arnold Risvik

Arnold Risvik heard about FUSE from a friend who worked at CNM before we moved into our current space. He joined once the HAAS (CNC Mill) was up and running to help supplement his machining business, Snap Precision. Snap precision currently specialized in making high-security locks but fabricates a wide variety of items. You can find him frequently running parts on the HAAS or working in the metal shop. He is looking to expand this business by buying his own CNC mill and hiring a student from the CNM machining program to help cut parts. Arnold also teaches at and helps run Ninja Force Gym. They are an obstacle gym that has obstacles similar to those on American Ninja Warrior where Arnold has competed five times. In addition to appearing on American Ninja Warrior he also testes the obstacles they use to ensure they are passable by competitors. He has also tested obstacle for shows like Titan Games and Million Dollar Mile. Arnold has also competed in many regional competitions involving obstacle courses. He also has a business designing, building obstacles, and setting up other obstacle gyms called My Ninja Source. During the pandemic, he has been making many backyard obstacles and shipping them all over the world. He is currently working with the Make-a-Wish foundation. A friend had suggested him to the foundation to help fulfill a wish. A six-year-old girl in the pacific northwest wanted her backyard in a ninja-style obstacle course. Arnold was able to design and build obstacles to convert her back yard. Now that gyms are back open if you have ever had the urge to give an obstacle gym a try check out Arnold at Ninja Force Gym. They have classes for kids as young as five.