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Membership Information

An active membership grants access to all areas of FUSE for which the member has successfully completed Operations and Safety Training. Each equipment area has its own specific training, there is not a generic FUSE safety training. Trainings range from 2-4 hour single-session workshops to 5-8 hour multiple-session workshops, depending on the skills involved. All workshops include materials and reference handouts. Our upcoming training schedule is listed under ‘Workshops’ on this website. Our Workshop include:
  • Operation and Safety workshop required for specific equipment access (ie. Intro to CNC Plasma, Intro to CNC Shopbot, Intro to Laser Cutter, etc.)
  • Make and Take workshops walk you through a specific project start to finish (ie. Cutting Boards, Tool Box)
  • Entrepreneurship workshops support makers wanting to learn best practices around starting and maintaining a small business. (ie. Etsy for Makers, Selling It for Jewelry Makers, etc.)

We recommend that you take a workshop before purchasing a membership. 

*All Monthly Memberships auto renew. Members have access to turning off the auto renew in their membership login portal under subscriptions.

**Discounted $50 Monthly Memberships are available for students and educators, as well as active military members and veterans. These memberships require class schedule, current school-issued ID, military ID or other verified documentation and must be purchased in person at FUSE Makerspace. Please email [email protected] with membership questions.

**Funding resources available for FUSE Memberships and Workshops can be found here.

*For Business Memberships, please contact us at [email protected] or call 505-224-3873 to set up*

** All Discounted Memberships and Business Memberships are Password Protected. Please contact us at  [email protected] or call 505-224-3873 to set up**

Weekly, Individual Monthly, Education, and Military Memberships give you access to FUSE during general operational hours. Team membership is for 2 individuals given access during FUSE general operational hours. Business Memberships receive one 24-7 access card for up to two individuals on the shop floor at one time and ten people on the account.