Member Feature: Fidel González

A man cutting leather.

My name is Fidel González, I am a local farmer and musician, I want to tell you that last year I started as a member of this great place called FUSE Makerspace. The reason I came here is because I have always wanted to produce leather bags and learn how to use laser machines. As part of the concept of sustainability, the diversification of economic income based on my own creativity is fundamental to this process. Thanks to FUSE Makerspace that possibility is being carried out. When I arrived here, last year 2023 I started by learning how to use laser machines, now my next project is to learn how to use the CNC router and continue expressing my creativity thanks to these machines. As a therapy, as a business, and as a form of expression, FUSE Makerspace is a place that provides us with the possibility of developing our creative abilities and transforming them into reality.