Deep Dive Internet of Things coshort #1

Students apart of the first IOT cohort at FUSE Makerspace.
Deep Dive Internet of Things cohort #1 Welcome Deep Dive Internet of Things cohort #1. Sixteen students are getting into hardware design and coding towards making smart lighting controller.  They have just completed week one and learning at a rapid speed. The group has covered six weeks of a traditional class in one week. They have learned the fundamentals of basic circuitry, programming a Teensy microprocessor, and soldering. The introduction of Fritzing software was a big hit with the group. Fritzing is a software that has a visual interface for experimenting with prototyping and building a more permanent circuit. At the beginning of week two, they will be learning FUSION 360  for 3D printing, began to develop their GitHub account, and will take a field trip to Electric Playhouse. Where they can see how one company uses smart controllers to provide their clients with immersive and interactive experiences.