Rutgers Rocket Propulsion Lab at FUSE

rocket guys
Alex Sanducu, Zack Clark, and Michael Mahoney from Rutgers University, Rutgers Rocket Propulsion Lab were on their way to Spaceport America Cup, an annual event called Intercollegiate Rocketry Engineering Competition, when they landed at FUSE Makerspace. All three have found makerspaces instrumental in making rocketry within their grasp. Michael stated that makerspaces reduce the barrier of entrance for amature rocketry. Places like FUSE allow people to access tools that they could not otherwise afford on their own. The team had been working on their rocket for months that they launched on June 22 at the IREC competition at Spaceport America. Their entire project is student designed and fabricated and they planned for the rocket to reach 10,000 ft and hit Mock 1.07. All electronics, 3-D printing, CNC routing, and laser etching were used to create the rocket. They also worked with industry grade materials from a fiberglass manufacture in Colorado Spring, CO to fabricate body structure of the rocket. On June 19th at FUSE Makerspace the team fabricated the bulk heads. They were unable to be obtained the parts needed at their local makerspace due to calibration of machine and time allotted before they had to hit the road to the competition. Driving across country Alex started researching makerspaces along the road. They found the FUSE website when they were passing through Missouri and decide this was the most comprehensive makerspace the fit their needs. It was a bonus that FUSE was not far from their final competition destination. The team decide to spend the day in Albuquerque to make the final adjustments to the rocket before launch. Marty Bonacci, FUSE Program Manager, was the first person the guys met as they walked in the door. He gave them a tour of the space and asked them what their interest was in making. Within 15 minutes Marty had the guys signed up for memberships and testing out on the ShopBot to make the improvements on their rocket.  By coming to FUSE the team was able to make their rocket with the right materials, right tools, and the right way for research purposes. The Rutgers Rocket Propulsion Lab team ended up winning the Sprite award for their enthusiasm and ingenuity towards reaching their goal of launching their rocket at Spaceport America.

Featured Member: Steve Hall, Beekeeper

Steve Hall Making Beehives
Steve Hall has been raising bees for three years. He began working at FUSE when we were still located at CNM’s main campus. He’s made several different types of hives in a variety of colors to attract the bees which go beyond just the ones at his home. He has established a system of others hosting hives in exchange for honey at the end of the season. The fact that the bees are raised in Albuquerque gives their honey a unique flavor. “You can taste the juniper” Steve says. A flavor Steve describes as piney, proving there is more than one way to experience Albuquerque. He is also trying to rear queen bees here in New Mexico as opposed to having to get them from California. Currently Steve is not looking to start a business around the hives, although that is not out of the question in the future. He describes what he does as an “advanced hobby” Steve says he’s been a maker, building and creating, since he was a kid. At one point He was involved with building Earthships up in Taos. He helped build other Earthships and one day he traded fixing a truck for a piece of property of his own. He created the drawings, got his plans certified, and lived out of an Airstream trailer while he built his own Earthship. “It’s nice being a part of a community” referring to the local maker community. He doesn’t describe himself as extraverted but says it’s nice to have human contact rather than being stuck alone in your garage. Next time you see Steve ask him what all the buzz is about. Outside FUSE Steve enjoys salsa dancing.

Make and Take Jewelry Workshops for Mother’s Day (or any day)!

Swivel Locket and Frame and Spinner Ring
Looking for the perfect mother’s day gift? FUSE has you covered. We are hosting two different jewelry workshops where you can use simple bench jewelry techniques to create custom gifts for your loved ones or a little something special for yourself! Join us for either workshop on Saturday, May 5th. Swivel Locket and Frame | 9am to 1pm | $75 In this fun 4-hour workshop you will create a beautiful textured swivel locket and/or picture frame in copper and brass.  In this “cold-connections” class you will use basic jewelry making tools to incorporate a photo into a locket or frame.  No soldering and no experience necessary. Spinner Ring | 2pm to 6pm | $75 In this 4-hour workshop you will make a sterling silver ring from flat sheet and add 14K gold-filled “spinners.”  You will use hand tools and learn basic torch operations to complete a beautiful spinner ring. How to Register:
  • Click the button below
  • Click “Register” and create a free account
  • Click “Buy” and then select “Packages”
  • Purchase the “Make and Take Jewelry Workshop” Package
  • Click “Book Classes” from the left menu
  • Go to May 5th on the calendar
  • Select the workshop you want to take and click “Book”
Click Here to Register

FUSE Makerspace March Member Meeting

Fuse Makerspace member meeting
Join us for the first member meeting! All current members are encouraged to attend as well as anyone who is interested in becoming part of the FUSE Makerspace community. In this meeting, we will be discussing new offerings and equipment, gather some feedback from current members, have a few exciting announcements, and answer questions from prospective members–all while enjoying delicious pie. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 21 from 6:30-8:00pm at FUSE Makerspace at Innovate Abq. Don’t forget to RSVP through our Eventbrite invitation.

Workshop: Collaborative Robots Series

Cobot with instructor showing robot arm
Build With Robots and FUSE Makerspace are teaming up to introduce the fast-growing technology of Collaborative Robots (cobots) to central New Mexico’s economy.  Anyone interested in cobot technology and applications is welcome to join this series of workshops with Build with Robots founders, Randy Krall and Chris Ziomek.


$39 for one class or $75 for the whole series (3 sessions).


Class 1: Intro to cobots: programming movement, actuators and intro to scripts 

Choose any of the following times:

  • Monday, March 5, 4-8pm
  • Monday, March 12, 4-8pm
  • Monday, April 2, 4-8pm
  • Tuesday, April 17, 4-8pm
  • Tuesday, April 24, 4-8pm

Class 2: Tool control point setup, safety, optimizing movement  

  • Monday, March 19, 4-8pm

Class 3: Programming loops, conditional control, procedures and scripts 

  • Monday, April 9, 4-8pm

Instructions to Register:

  • Click the button below
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  • Click “Buy”
    • Click “Packages”
    • Purchase the “Cobots single class” package or “Cobots training package”
  • Click “Book Classes” from the left menu
  • Select the workshop on date(s) you would like to attend and click “Book”
*We need a minimum number of students to run each class. Please register at least 24 hours before the class time. Click Here to Register