Featured Member: Steve Hall, Beekeeper

Steve Hall Making Beehives
Steve Hall has been raising bees for three years. He began working at FUSE when we were still located at CNM’s main campus. He’s made several different types of hives in a variety of colors to attract the bees which go beyond just the ones at his home. He has established a system of others hosting hives in exchange for honey at the end of the season. The fact that the bees are raised in Albuquerque gives their honey a unique flavor. “You can taste the juniper” Steve says. A flavor Steve describes as piney, proving there is more than one way to experience Albuquerque. He is also trying to rear queen bees here in New Mexico as opposed to having to get them from California. Currently Steve is not looking to start a business around the hives, although that is not out of the question in the future. He describes what he does as an “advanced hobby” Steve says he’s been a maker, building and creating, since he was a kid. At one point He was involved with building Earthships up in Taos. He helped build other Earthships and one day he traded fixing a truck for a piece of property of his own. He created the drawings, got his plans certified, and lived out of an Airstream trailer while he built his own Earthship. “It’s nice being a part of a community” referring to the local maker community. He doesn’t describe himself as extraverted but says it’s nice to have human contact rather than being stuck alone in your garage. Next time you see Steve ask him what all the buzz is about. Outside FUSE Steve enjoys salsa dancing.