Powder Coating


Powder coating metal using a dry powder. The finished result is more even and durable than most painting methods. This method uses static electricity to help the powder stick to the metal then it is placed in a large oven to melt the powder onto the metal.


  • Intro to Powder Coating




  • Powder-specific design, custom sizes & configurations available
  • Premium galvanized/aluminized 16 Gauge US Steel Construction
  • 4 inch wall thickness with two layers of #8 pound 1250 degree high temperature insulation that will reach temperatures of 550 Degrees for Ceramic Coating Needs as well
  • Intelligent, modular design enables on-site installation and customization where space may be limited
  • Unique riveted nut & bolt construction on walls and roof that can be removed for maintenance installation ever needed
  • Available in LP Gas or Natural Gas Configuration
  • 50,000 – 250,000 BTU/hr burner output
  • Gas versions Run on 110v regular plug in or 220v- no special electrical service needed
  • Reaches cure temperature in minutes and maintains consistent temp throughout oven space
  • PID temperature regulation up to 600 Degrees to Safety Control
  • Steel 12 gauge flat floor for easy rack roll in & out
  • All hardware, fasteners, and manuals included
  • Accessories available such as explosion proof latches, Heavy Duty Fans & PLC Controls



What this gun has over the other comparisons!

  • Because of the Chassis System you have many add ons that can enhance your powder coating experience from adding fluidization hoppers, vibration stands, air regulators, ect. to taking your unit from a table top unit all the way up to a box feed system. 

  • Board designed for optimum output. In other words, our boards are engineered to work as 1 unit without additional add-ons, circuits or boards such a wave technology our competitors try to make work with old technology boards.

  • Does not need additional nozzles to apply multiple coats. Comes with a Standard Multi-Coat Nozzle Tested up to 20 Coats COLD and also coats WOOD and GLASS.

  • Newer Electrostatics for smoother flow and proper adhesion

  • Because we developed these guns and have been coating for over 30 years, you have the best knowledge in the industry of how you want and need to powder coat. No more overpriced expensive Industrial Guns.