Form2 SLA Resin Printer

Form 2 Formlabs 3-D printer

SLA printing is a type of 3D printing often called resin printing. Instead of using a spool of solid plastic that is melted an SLA printer starts with a liquid material (resin) that is cured with a laser. This gives the appearance of your solid 3D object being pulled out of a pool of liquid. This method can produce a higher quality than more common 3D printing methods. This makes it ideal for mold making for casting and injection molding.


  • Intro to SLA Resin 3D Printing on the Formlabs
  • Member can purchase Resin material directly from FUSE


Build Volume: 145 mmx 145mm x 175mm or 5.7 in x 5.7 in x 6.9 in

Laser Spot Size: 140 Microns or .0055 inch

Layer Height: 25-100 Microns or .001-.004

17 different types of materials can be printed


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