Dake Manual Cold Saw

Image of Dake cold saw for metalworking.

Model Super Cut 315

Manual cold saw with a head that will rotate 45º left and right for mitering. Heavy-duty low production saw, comes with one standard HSS blade. This model has 24V at controls, an e-stop, low voltage protection, and thermal overload protection. Available in 120V, 220V and 440V operation.


  • Intro to Metal Shop
  • Members need to provide their own safety glasses or purchase a pair ($3) at FUSE. 
  • Model: Super Cut 315

    Work Height: 38 ½”

    Overall Front to Back Head Up 36”

    Height: 59”

    Floor Space Left to Right: 26”

    Floor Space Front to Back: 23”

    Maximum Blade Diameter: 12.5”

    Motor Horsepower: 2.5

    Voltage: 220/440*

    Phase 3

    Speed 22/44 RPM

    Weight: 450lbs


    Head rotates 45 degrees right and left of center for miter cutting.
    Adjustable hinged pivot.
    Dependable oversized spindle and gear assembly with steel spindle and bronze gear.
    Additional ball bearing support of hardened and ground spindle shaft to prevent failure.
    Bronze gear with tapered roller bearing support.
    Cam-activated vise with gib adjustment and anti-burr arm (except 250).
    Reliable mechanical coolant pump with flow control adjustment.
    315 & 350 models all have 24V at controls, E-Stop, low voltage protection, and thermal overload protection.
    350 model features an adjustable clutch for more efficient operation.
    350 model has three speeds for greater cutting versatility.
    350 model will rotate to 90 degrees for slot cutting operations.
    Gallon of coolant
    Pedestal base
    Adjustable positive stop
    Tool kit