Compact Dryer

Young man is placing freshly screen printer shirt on the compact dryer for curing the ink.

A compact dryer offers variable temperature and belt speed controls, allowing for you to cure your prints on the type of ink, coverage, and garments. It has an output rating of 150 plus shirts per hours (based on a full size image. 


  • Intro to Screen Printing¬†


Solid / Compact Construction

Industrial Strength Sheet Metal
Less than 3 feet Wide and 8 feet Long
Optional Heavy Duty Lockable Casters
Adjustable heat shields / gates

High Output

Two 18″x20″ Heating Elements
105 CFM Air Circulation Fan
22″ Wide Conveyor Belt
4 Foot Chamber Length
18 Inch Infeed and Exit Length
90 V DC Belt Drive Motor
Electrical: Single Phase, 220V, 50-60Hz, 6,200 Watts, 27 Amps

Temperature Controller

Digital Display: Precise Temp Accuracy
Dual Display: Showing set and internal temperature

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