FUSE Makerspace Instructor: Steve Lee  

Steve Lee has been a Fuse Makerspace member for the past 2 years, since when he was brought on as an instructor for screen printing. He owns, Thin King Press, a custom graphics and screen printing company he run since 1989. The company name references the brain behind all the production and showcases a wonderful play on words. Before joining as an instructor, Steve managed his storefront and production on Central Ave. His production has since moved into the Fuse Makerspace and not having to manage a storefront has created more time to explore his creative endeavors.
Steve’s desk is set up next to the laser cutter behind the screen printing area, where he showcases a varity of different works he’s prouduce. It is a display of various mediums: posters, stickers, skateboards, and magnets to name a few items. He stated,” being here has allowed me to diversify the things that I make. There is a certain satisfaction in the brain when making things”
Throughout his entire life Steve has been surrounded by art and makers, which has led to his path to being one. He has been drawing since he was a child, photographing since the 1970s, and screen printing for over 30 years. Now in the makerspace he has been able to add to the knowledge with the tools and equipment he uses within the space.
At Fuse Makerspace he was able to build a custom guitar with a beautifully etched plasma cut fretboard and it is sounds incredibly serene.  He was able to consult Matt Barbato, another member and employee, when creating his electric guitar. “The community of Fuse is the best part of it. These guys are all super cool. There’s things I get from picking their brain.” -Steve said.
Steve said, “ I don’t relate my practices to each other but they just do. If your files aren’t set up right then they just aren’t going to look good.” Here he references his use of photoshop to both create within and bring over the art from print to a digital file. This skill he has been able to share with multiple people through the pre-pressed graphics course he teaches.
Billy the Squid, the outlaw, is a character that Steve has developed; like most of his work it started as a drawing that has been converted and iterated through various mediums. The laser cutter has been the machine of choice for Steve where he’s made things from fridge magnets to custom etched skateboards. He has also created magic boxes with etched designs and business cards, all have the aesthetic of Steve Lee.
You can find out more about Steve Lee, his creations, and his business on https://thinkingpress.bigcartel.com/ or by following him @thinkingpress and @l.ter3go on Instagram.