Cutting the Ribbon at the New FUSE Makerspace

On September 26, sparks went flying as President Katharine Winograd used a circular saw to cut the 12-foot wooden bow to inaugurate the new location of FUSE Makerspace. Over 200 people were in attendance including Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez, Mayor Richard Berry, as well as numerous board and community members.
Encouraging words were spoken throughout the night regarding the addition of the new space into InnovateABQ and the entrepreneurial community. FUSE Makerspace is a location where local entrepreneurs, scientists, and students can come together to share ideas and resources. Mayor Richard Barry said, “you’re going to come down here and you’re going to be able to mix and mingle with people who have a different skill set – a diversity of skills. Albuquerque is a very diverse place and our strength is that diversity.”
During the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, FUSE Makerspace members were also onsite showcasing their products and talking about how the facility has helped them with their small businesses. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres were provided while guests toured the makerspace, talked to members, and looked at available office space. It relocated from a temporary 3,000 square foot location on CNM’s main campus to its new 13,000 square foot permanent location.
FUSE Makerspace is located at 101 Broadway NE, Suite 3100 at InnovateABQ on the northwest corner of Broadway and Central. The hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00am-9:00pm.