Osyssey screen printing dryer oven.

Workhorse Odyssey CD-227 Compact Conveyor Dryer

The Odyssey line of equipment is offering more horsepower in the dryer lineup with the new CD 227 Compact Dryer. The CD 227 is the most productive and economical 7 foot dryer in the industry. Offering variable controls for temperature and belt speed, this dryer provides detailed curing adjustments for the different ink types, coverages and garments. Output ratings of 150 plus shirts per hour (based on a full size image), while taking up less than 8 foot of floor space make this a high powered curing solution.

Technical Specs

Dryer Details

Solid / Compact Construction

  • Industrial Strength Sheet Metal
  • Less than 3 feet Wide and 8 feet Long
  • Optional Heavy Duty Lockable Casters
  • Adjustable heat shields / gates

High Output

  • Two 18″x20″ Heating Elements
  • 105 CFM Air Circulation Fan
  • 22″ Wide Conveyor Belt
  • 4 Foot Chamber Length
  • 18 Inch Infeed and Exit Length
  • 90 V DC Belt Drive Motor
  • Electrical: Single Phase, 220V, 50-60Hz, 6,200 Watts, 27 Amps

Temperature Controller

  • Digital Display: Precise Temp Accuracy
  • Dual Display: Showing set and internal temperature