SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw Table Saw

Safety image used to show when your hand is to close to the table saw balde.
Table Saw (Sawstop) – A table saw is a circular saw mounted inside a table. This allows you to cut large flat pieces of wood or acrylic lengthwise into smaller more manageable pieces. The blade can also be raised and lowered for different material thicknesses. Professional Sawstop table saw features a patented automatic braking system that stops the saw within milliseconds if its blade comes in contact with the operator’s hand or other body part.


  • Intro to Woodworking
  • Members need to provide their own safety glasses or purchase a pair ($3) at FUSE.


Industrial Cabinet Saw
Model Option 2: Industrial 52″: 52″ rip capacity & T-Glide Fence Assembly
Motor: (all 60Hz, TEFC): 3, 5 & 7.5 HP available
Cabinet footprint: 20″ W x 25″ D
Cast iron table: 24″ W x 30″ D
Cast iron table (w/ extension wings): 44″ W x 30″ D
Extension wings: 10″ W x 30″ D each
Extension table 36 in rails: 24″ W x 30″ D
Extension table 52 in rails: 40″ W x 30″ D
Shipping dimensions (saw body only): 40″ W x 40″ D x 40″ H
Weights – table saw only: 530 lbs
Weights – w/ 36 in fence systems: 635 lbs
Weights – w/ 52 in fence systems: 685 lbs
Shipping weight (approx.): 640 lbs (table saw only)
Blade: Prof. grade, 5/8″ arbor
Blade diameter: 10″
Blade tilt: Left
Blade kerf: 0.118″ (3mm)
Blade plate thickness: 0.078″ (2mm)
Max. depth of cut, blade at 0º: 3 1/8″


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