Maker Market

Since 2018, FUSE has supported local entrepreneurs with bringing their merchandise to the marketplace by hosting semi-annual Maker Markets in May and December.  Click on any business’s name and you will be directed to their online store; all sales are between the individual business and customer and there is no charge for businesses to be featured on this page.

If you are a maker who is ready to venture into online sales, check out our Etsy for Makers workshop, which walks you through the pitfalls and hurdles of launching an Etsy store.

Thank you for shopping locally and supporting your maker community!

Art and Decor

KittyWitch Crochet

I am a crochet artist in Albuquerque and staff member at CNM. I make hats, scarves, cardigans, and amigurumi. Amigurumi is the Japanese style of crocheting plush creatures and toys. I especially love to make Pokemon and other video game characters. Please let me know if you have a request!



Cosmic Desert

Fine art and Tees for New Mexican nerds and weebs.




Subtle Sorcery

At Subtle Sorcery, we love 3D printing. A lot. In fact, we’ve logged thousands of print hours, printed hundreds of items, and sent them all over the globe! The idea behind Subtle Sorcery is to make it nerdy but low-key. Take molten hot plastic and transform it into something that can only be described as magical. If you’re looking for something unique, personalized, or customized – don’t worry we can 3D print it!




What Monstrosity Is This?! (Gaby's Monster Art)

Gabriela Henner is an Albuquerque-based artist who wants to lighten our world with her own fantastical realm of “monsters,” cute creatures who share our complex emotions and perspectives. It is her hope that as we become more familiar with the caring side of monsters, we can recall the kindness and love that exist within all of us.

I sell a variety of products: necklace pendants, Christmas ornaments, original paintings and drawings, polymer clay sculptures, postcards, giclee prints, and my children’s book, “Terry and the Positivity Pet.”


Sam Andrews Makes

Hi, I’m Sam, an artist born and raised in Albuquerque. I make stickers and prints that inspire you to take the next right step in the direction of your dreams. My hope is that the products I make remind you to stay centered and grounded in your own creative or spiritual practice.



Off Grid Studio

Off Grid Studio is a small graphic design, illustration, and print shop, run by Albuquerque-based artist Celine Gordon. She combines digital and traditional techniques to create unique goods inspired by the rhythms, patterns, and connections found in the outdoors and the New Mexican landscape. Many of her pieces incorporate block printing, recycled materials, and tiny, unique details.


Susan Gomez Arts

New Mexican artist, Susan Gomez has been doing art since she could hold a crayon and has spent years developing her style. Her whimsical and colorful art shows her passion for fun and for life. She enjoys exploring different mediums and sometimes combines those into one art piece. She is also an award-winning and accomplished face and body painter. Recognized most for her Dia de Los Muertos face paintings. Her work has been featured in publications and music videos.


Illustrated Goods by Caitlin Carcerano

I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember. When I graduated with my degree in painting and drawing from the University of New Mexico in 2017, I took it upon myself to rent a studio and keep making artwork. I found that people loved my art, but couldn’t necessarily afford or find the space for a huge oil painting. Recently, I decided to try downsizing my work through tiny paintings, prints of my original paintings, and stickers. I want to provide people with unique artwork for their spaces at any size or price point.


ABQ Custom Gifts

Location, location, location!

Give us an address and we will create your world on boxes, magnets, and coasters.

For the thoughtful gift giver looking for something new and different. At ABQ Custom Gifts, we provide custom-made and custom-designed products.



I have been making these and selling these cutting boards locally for some time now and decided to share them with the rest of the world! All of the cutting boards are one of a kind made on my homemade CNC Router. Most of them are designs from local artists so all are unique. Solid Walnut cutting board with a colored Plant-based food-safe epoxy resin.

Black Ridge Co

My name is Josie, I am the founder of BlackRidgeCo. I founded Black Ridge Co as a magical portal and hub of spiritual and metaphysical art and tools. As I started my spiritual journey going from meditation to Reiki practioner, I saw a need in this field to create tools that anyone can use to find balance and guidance in their lives. That is where my products come in. I offer custom I would love to showcase some of my sacred geometry crystal grids.

Cheapside Workshop

Handcarved and turned wood bowls, pinch bowls, mashers, pen nib holders and more! All products are made from wood sourced from urban trees, storm-downed trees, and cutoffs from local urban mills. New items are being added to the shop on a regular basis so check back often. There is currently a 10% off sale running until May 5th.


I’m both an artist and maker who creates both 2d and 3D objects for sale. My cups are all engraved using the FUSE makerspace, and my pillows are all sewn at home by myself.

The Flower Company

Handmade One of a Kind Floral and Botanical Art for Special and Memorable Moments. All of my products are made from fresh flowers and botanical materials. They are preserved so that they may be enjoyed longer than their normal lifespan. It’s a great way to keep some of the outdoors indoors, especially during the winter months and times of the year when the material is out of season. It’s a wonderful way to create a keepsake from a special or meaningful event in your life. A wedding, a funeral, or any other occasion.


For the Maker Market, we have made Jewelry Boxes made of exotic Walnut Wood, CNC Wood Carved Decorative Plaques with New Mexico Themes and other Themes, too.

MRMR Design

Hello, welcome to MRMR Design ([mis-ter] x2 like Pizza! Pizza!). We are a small maker studio, specializing in acrylic ornaments, decorations, and housewares. Our modern and streamlined designs take inspiration from our hobbies as well as traditional southwestern motifs. We design and fabricate all of our products at Fuse Makerspace or from our Albuquerque, New Mexico workshop. We look at the world and say, hey but what if it was made of acrylic?

Next Chapter Studio

Next Chapter Studio is a design and print shop running on Riso. We specialize in Risograph printing, creating greeting cards and art prints. Our mission is to make bright and eye-catching greetings cards for everyone using the environmentally friendly Risograph printing. Fluorescent and colorful Riso inks, made with vegetable and soy, allow our fun designs to jump off the paper. We design, print, and assemble all of our products by hand.


Local, hand turned wooden bowls, platters, and vases.



Gourmet Foods

Tania's Kitchen2

Tania's Tasty Kitchen

Small, locally owned business specializing in small batch dessert and tasty treats. I can make individual desserts or enough to treat a crowd! I offer all your classic flavors as well as some unique ones. From cookies, cupcakes, and cakes to cheesecakes, tiramisu, banana pudding, and gold bars, Tania’s Tasty Kitchen will be your tasty treats destination.



Lenties Crunchy Lentil Snacks

Lenties are made in a small commercial kitchen in downtown Albuquerque by roasting small batches of whole organic lentils in organic extra virgin olive oil and gourmet spices.

We use nutrient dense and resource-efficient ingredients, minimal processing, and as little packaging as possible to turn whole lentils into a truly sustainable, nutritionally balanced, and unexpectedly delicious crunchy snack.

They’re naturally high in plant-based protein, prebiotic fiber, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, iron, potassium and B-vitamins.

They’re naturally free of gluten, nuts, GMOs and any animal products.

They’re a perfect snack for anyone who cares about their health and our planet, with a crispy crunchy and savory flavor to satisfy even those who don’t.

Fellow Burqueños get 15% off every order on our website by entering the coupon code ABQ15 at checkout!

Spicy Me Foods

Our specialty spice blend, TACO AF, is made of Hatch chiles and organic herbs. Turns basic ingredients into killer tacos and makes you look like a gourmet cook. Perfect as a stocking stuffer or gift for a new cook, TACO AF arrives in beautiful packaging and a sleek, black tin.


We are a female-owned small business, operated in Silver City, NM.

Furniture and Home Decor

Shear Beauty Creations

My name is Angela, I own a local salon in Abq. I make creative goods as my side hustle. I make resin acrylic products such as clocks and coasters. I also make rosaries and sewn products.


Practical designs for living, lounging, and lighting.

Copper Accent, LLC

Copper Accent, LLC is located in Rio Rancho and makes unique home decor that includes copper as a key element in design. Each piece that I make is considered to be a one-of-a-kind. Aside from my online store, my work is sold in Santa Fe and Old Town. I also do commissioned work. Look for CopperAccent on Instagram and Pinterest.

Down Home Steel

Custom metal art made in Albuquerque. We can do custom metal wall art, gates, fire pits and more. Suitable for indoor or outdoor display that’s powdercoated for a durable finish.

Googie Modern

We are Googie Modern, makers of modern, hand-crafted home furnishings and furniture.
We take ideas from Googie architecture and apply them on a small scale to our own designs. We aim to go beyond trends and make pieces that people love to live with. The furniture reflects patterns seen throughout the mid-century in Populux culture, as well as classic forms. With a current focus on cocktail tables, Googie Modern will expand its design horizons offering an array of in-house designed furniture and functional objects. Everything is made by hand in our studio. We welcome commissions and change requests. Be cool. be hip, be unique, be Googie!

Steelfire Timber

I am Steelfire Timber, Anthony Radler, a wood worker, metal worker and designer based in New Mexico. In my early life I held a passion for architecture and design, a dose of reality guided me to engineering, but I found my vibrance for life again in furniture and fabrication.

Steelfire Timber’s focus is on custom furniture and finish carpentry. Projects are showcased on Instagram @steelfiretimber and services offered are listed on the website

Jewelry, Apparel, and Accessories

High Desert Polish

I am a small jeweler, working with gold, silver and inlay in semi precious/precious stones using fabrication methods.




Kokopelli Design Studio

Corrina Hughes is the owner of Kokopelli Design Studio. She enjoys sharing her own unique and quirky spin in a wide array of original southwestern designs. She enjoys working with a wide array of materials – metals, wood, leather, crystals, polymer clay, precious stones, and the unconventional applications of these materials. She works in small batches so that her collections remain unique. Drawing her inspiration from her beautiful desert surroundings, New Mexican folklore, extensive NM roots, and rich artistic family history, she hopes to share a little bit of love, inspiration & happiness with those who seek out her work.

Milk Zombie

Milk Zombie makes gifts for you and your loved ones. Super soft baby blankets, reversible tote bags, light switch covers, and so much more!

Check out MILK ZOMBIE SHOP on Facebook and Instagram.


Making Medieval Modern

Chainmaille Findings and Jewelry as well as an assortment of recycled arts. Metal is my comfort zone. I’m also trying to make an ancient art, hip, and chick, and great for everyday use now and in the future. I tend to use Stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and titanium because I want my art to last.

Galaxia Berillus Jewelry

Handmade semiprecious stone jewelry with pendants made using the Tiffany technique (soft soldering), magic wand hair sticks.


Thin King Press

I make things for my own happiness that you can buy, if you like.




Rogue Creations

I make earrings, rice bags, and crocheted items.



Grace Milton Design

Limited Edition and One-of-a-Kind Jewelry and Accessories




A continuity error is a lack of consistency within a story or scene. Continuity errors are often thought of as the visual changes that accidentally occur between shots in a film, impacting the viewer’s suspension of disbelief. A glass appearing full in one shot and being half empty in another.

Not following a consistent theme, category, or aesthetic, ContinuityError is a collection of handmade lifestyle goods and accessories made to bring fun and humor to the everyday experience. A series of continuity errors in look and feel. All items are created by Jordyn Palma (@JordynPalmaDesign on Instagram) and are made to share with you.

All questions regarding pricing, shipping lead times, and fabrication methods can be directed to Jordyn Palma Design on Etsy through the ContinuityError home page.

David Lloyd Stewart, Artist

Jewelry Artworks by award-winning artist David Lloyd Stewart of Albuquerque, New Mexico. 45 years of experience creating handmade one-of-a-kind and uniquely whimsical cast designs in limited editions in silver, gold, and other materials, including hand-cut stones, carved wood, shell & coral and other interesting stuff! Treasures made by hand for your pleasure.

James LLC dba Jewelry by James

Bold. Modern. Sophisticated.

Using unique stones to design and create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry!

With these distinctive stones, we design a fresh clean line of jewelry pieces blending striking shapes with a playful spirit!

Kelly Horrigan Handmade

Kelly Horrigan Handmade creates leather-based statement jewelry, home goods and one-of-a-kind costumes that combine old-world techniques with modern aesthetic. Pieces are designed and handcrafted using high quality repurposed leather, hand-cast metals, semi-precious stones, antique beads, ethically sourced feathers, vintage hardware and found objects. KHH makes sustainable choices by using materials that are produced in a way that minimizes harm to the environment.

King of Punk

Mike has been making jewelry since 1970! Though turquoise is a customer favorite, he loves finding unusual stones and making them into jewelry. All jewelry is made of sterling silver, gold or copper. Mike makes custom pieces and also repairs jewelry. Mike’s works out of his garage in Cedar Crest currently, a big step up from the closet pieces of the 70’s! Mike also enjoys looking for rocks and cutting stones, gardening, gold mining, fishing, hunting, making recycled art and of course grandkids! He is rarely caught “relaxing”!

Lazos Mexicanos

We sell handmade bags and accessories with materials from women’s collectives from Mexico.

Lynette Andreasen

Lynette Andreasen is a jeweler and educator. She teaches jewelry and art history classes at CNM, while simultaneously maintaining her own studio practice and raising her small children. Lynette makes handmade jewelry in her home studio with quality materials and lots of love.

Paul Cutter Jewelry

Speak your piece.

This simple phrase encapsulates the entire philosophy behind Paul Cutter’s jewelry. His designs are as unique as a voice and are meant to represent the wearer in any occasion. Paul is a second generation jeweler, having apprenticed his father, Ted Cutter. He uses the finest materials from local businesses to create his memorable adornments. Each piece is designed, shaped, filed, soldered, stamped, polished, and packaged by hand – ensuring that no two will ever be the same. As a maker, Paul aspires to create jewelry that compliments individuality in a meaningful way.

Schizoid Guru

Schizoid Guru is obsessively dedicated to creating unique, ecologically conscientious, hypo-allergenic, and artistically interesting handmade jewelry at an accessible price. We use the highest quality hardwoods, natural food-safe finishes, and hypoallergenic high-quality findings to create stunning one of a kind pieces. Every piece is made with attention to detail and a whole lot of love. We are proudly operating out of Albuquerque, NM.

Two Stoned Betties

Two Stoned Betties is comprised of the creativity and work of Sara Roman and Kayla Mansfield. The two are lifelong friends bonded by their love for each other as well as their undying need to create bold, colorful artwork and accessories. Their brand was established in 2013 and has progressed and evolved quite steadily since then. The “pot positive” entrepreneurs work out of Albuquerque N.M. and take much pride in showcasing their New Mexican heritage and culture through the many mediums that they work with. Their brand strives to represent the counter-culture well. They believe that their bold artwork and statement accessories empower their customers and can’t wait to share their work with you.


Since I was little I’ve always been a “crafter”. I followed my mom to her craft shows and loved seeing all of the handcrafted items. As I progressed in getting my Master’s degree in Sociology, I found myself unfulfilled with academic life and started to take Continuing Education courses in different jewelry mediums. One master’s degree in hand, and several jewelry classes later, I set my sight on designing and creating jewelry. With a simple sketch, the name of my business was born. willajunejewelry is my creative soul, and an ode to my grandma (Willa June), who loved jewelry, gems, rockhounding and being unapologetically herself. All gemstones and metal are genuine and authentic. I don’t hide what it is or how it’s made. I use the best quality gemstones and metals to provide an affordable yet beautiful piece to my customers. My jewelry is created to be enjoyed every day, during any occasion, to be a reflection of the wearer and their uniqueness. Simply- wear what brings you joy and inspires you. willajunejewelry operates out of a home studio. Every piece that comes from my shop is designed, created, photographed, packaged, and sent by me.

5oh5 designs by Elvia

All hand made items. Totes, zippered bags, pillows, wristlets, etc.
I create with my hands and sewing machine to bring a smile to your face.


Custom Cult Snowboards

What is a Custom Cult?

A group of people that believe that snowboarding is 10X better on their yo-model board.

What is this site for?

To help you design yo-model board fit to yo body and riding style… just like the top pros get.

Who are the people featured on the site?

They are people who love snowboarding just like you. They have strong personal preferences about their boards. Their design profiles will help you shape a board for you, the way they shape a board for themselves.