ShopBot PRSalpha (Alpha)
CNC Spindle Router 4’ x 8’

3D CNC Route being cut on the Shopbot at FUSE Makerspace

A computer numerical control (CNC) router is a computer-controlled machine for making repeatable precision parts that you design on the computer. You can cut, engrave and make 3D reliefs with the use of proper bits.


Intro to CNC Routing

  • Software: Vcarve
  • Shopbot Table

Members need to provide their own safety glasses and consumables or purchase them at FUSE.


Drive Motor: Closed loop steppers with 7.2:1 gearboxes. With constant positional feedback to the drivers, if an obstruction is hit or cutting too fast the drivers will attempt to correct the position of the motors before activating an alarm, stopping the machine and displaying an alarm on the monitor. Once reset and homed, cutting should be able to be resumed.
Cutting Speed 4HP Spindle: Up to 720” per minute
Jog Speed (Bit out of material): 30” (760mm) per second
XY Move Speed: Variable, max. 720” (15.24m) per minute
Z Move Speed: Variable, max 360” (9.14m) per minute
XY Positioning Speed: Variable, max 1800” (45.7m) per minute
Z Positioning Speed: Variable, max. 900” (22.86m) per minute
Step Resolution (Distance per step): .0004” (0.01mm)
Positional Repeatability: ±0.002” (0.05mm)
 Linear Cutting Force: ≈150# at 1” (25mm) per second
X- and Y-Axis Drive System: Rack and Pinion
Z-Axis Drive System: Rack and Pinion
Electrical Power Requirements: 220V 20A for Controls & Router (Spindle amperage requirements vary on horsepower and voltage)
Certification: UL
Cut/Movement Area 105” x 49” x 8” (2.67m x 1.24m x 0.2m )
Footprint L120” x W79” x H67” (3.05m x 2.01m x 1.70m)